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Who Are The Members Of Newsletter Marketing Systems Monthly Newsletter Club?

What types of business entities are growing their customer base and creating more repeat business simply by joining Newsletter Marketing Systems’ Monthly Newsletter Club

Smart Business Owners Who Want Customers For Life And Know They Need To Invest To Get Them


Smart Business Owners are looking for ways to keep their customers for life. They know that they can get a repeat purchase from an existing customer for about a sixth as much effort as they can from a new customer. So they are focused on finding ways to get more purchases from their repeat customers by finding new and innovative ways to serve them.

One of the simplest ways to serve your existing customers without appearing to overtly sell to them is with a good-quality, monthly customer newsletter. It shows up in the mail demonstrating that you care about your customers and gives them fun, useful information about your business and life in general.

Many business owners learn the hard way that it can be difficult to write a compelling and engaging newsletter every month, so they do it in fits and starts and miss an issue every once in a while. However, to avoid this many business owners have come to rely on Newsletter Marketing Systems’ Monthly Newsletter Club to get their newsletter in the mail at the same time every month.

Professionals In Private Practice Who Want To Appear Ahead Of The Competition


Professionals in private practice are a dying breed with the large chains and franchises looking to take over the work that many professionals in private practice once did. Smart professionals have realized that simply writing a monthly customer newsletter gives them a way to stay in touch with their seasonal customers in between visits, without appearing to be begging for work.

This gives these professionals a distinct advantage over their competition because they demonstrate more care for their customers than their competition; they are positioned as the obvious experts simply because they are publishing a regular newsletter. Then when the time comes to seek help from a professional, the obvious choice is the expert with the newsletter rather than the faceless competition.

Savvy Professionals also understand that marketing is not necessarily their strong suit. So they are using Newsletter Marketing Systems Monthly Newsletter Club to provide them with a turnkey newsletter solution.

Savvy Business Owners That Know The Best Source Of New Customers Is Happy Existing Customers

Savvy business owners now realize that the best source of high-quality new customers for the lowest possible price is referrals from existing customers who are satisfied with their business. Customers receiving a regular monthly newsletter are more likely to refer than customers who receive no marketing materials between visits.

Done properly, a regular monthly newsletter becomes a referral generating machine. Referral generation needs to be covertly and deliberately placed in the newsletter for it to work. This is why many businesses are joining Newsletter Marketing Systems Monthly Newsletter Club. That way, they can be sure that the referral generating mechanisms are placed in their newsletter.

Retailers Who Want A Way To Keep The Competition At Bay

Many retailers are facing increased competition from large chains and the internet. Some really smart retailers are changing their marketing strategy so that they can differentiate themselves from faceless chains where customers are treated like a number, not a person.  The same goes for their competition on the internet.

Savvy retailers realize that they can simply and easily begin this differentiation using Newsletter Marketing Systems turnkey newsletters. Newsletters allow them to appear to be different to other retailers simply because, when was the last time a retailer sent out anything other than a discount voucher or flyer?

By becoming a member of Newsletter Marketing Systems’ Newsletter Club retailers realize they can keep their regular customers coming back while not spending time they don’t have on more marketing.

Business Owners Who Know They Are ‘Farmers’ Not ‘Hunters’

Business Owners make a quantum leap in income when they make the transition from ‘doer of thing’ to ‘marketer of thing’ – the transition from ‘I’m an accountant’ to ‘I market accounting services.’ The second big breakthrough is when they transition from a hunter to a farmer.

When a business owner makes this transition they realize that their goal is to put together a farm of high-value customers, rather than going out every morning with a club and trying to beat the next victim into submission.

Business owners who realize that  being a ‘farmer’ requires different hunting tools and one of the best tools for farming clients is actually a customer newsletter. For those business owners who are unable to produce a monthly newsletter, they have joined Newsletter Marketing Systems Monthly Newsletter Club.

Business Owners Who Don’t Want To Be Just Another Vendor

With escalating competition, consumers are more and more spoiled for choice. Business Owners are coming to realize they need some low-cost, effective, marketing tools to differentiate themselves from their competition. Otherwise, they are lost in a sea of commoditisation and will be forced to compete solely on price.

Business owners who want to escape the commoditisation trap realize that they need to use newsletters as part of their marketing tool kit. Allowing them to ‘get in front’ of their customers each month without necessarily having to make an outright sale.

For those business owners who are too busy to do their own customer newsletter, they have joined Newsletter Marketing Systems’ Monthly Newsletter Club. Members can be assured they get a high-quality newsletter out to their list every month – guaranteed.

Does It Sound Like You Or Your Business?

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