Step By Step Process

What happens if you want to Use Newsletter Marketing Systems’ Turnkey Newsletter service?

Find out what is involved in getting your first newsletter into your clients’ hands.

The Newsletter Marketing Systems Process

If you are thinking about engaging Newsletter Marketing Systems to write, design and print your monthly customer newsletter, then here is what happens next.

  • You decide to engage Newsletter Marketing Systems to help you increase your referral rates and the frequency of customer repeats
  • We will conduct a newsletter suitability audit, which will clarify your marketing needs, resources and constraints
  • Based on this information we recommend a package that suits you. This could be as simple as DIY guidance  or our complete done-for you, turn-key solution.
  • If you decide on our turnkey solution, we write, design, print and mail your newsletter every month. All you have to do is keep us up to date with anyone you wish to add to your mailing list and sign off the content calendar.

Get Started

You can get started increasing the number of repeat customers and referrals by requesting a Newsletter Suitability Assessment by clicking here or calling 1300 120 106.