3 All Too Overlooked Opportunities To Make Some Easy Money.

off-to-sellI’ve been racking my brain through my lunch break trying to figure out what to write (this needs to be done today – it’s a big week next week) and what came to me was “What can I do if I need to go and sell some stuff fast?”

Then I thought about what I would do at Newsletter Marketing Systems if I needed some quick sales. This is the big advantage of doing marketing the way we do it is that it can be very easy to do this.

The first thing I can think of is (this doesn’t equate to quality of opportunity either):

Add more traffic to the top of the sales funnel.

All you are doing is turning the existing wheel faster. There are several underused traffic sources that we can add very quickly the next time we want to increase client flow.

There is direct mail, unaddressed direct mail, increasing the amount of the media we are already using, including Facebook, Google and broadcast fax. And to be perfectly frank we haven’t even looked at things like display network and re-targeting.

Make an offer to our existing customers and leads.

Look it wouldn’t be too hard to get our existing customers to buy something else from us. Last month we were able to do just that and make 3:1 ROI in under 30 days. To do this we needed direct mail, we needed email and Ben and I had to do some copywriting and some design.

All in all it was still pretty quick. We’ve done faster before, when we had to.

That is the power of an existing customer database. They can be tapped for the additional sales surges.

Get Some Old Customers Back

This is especially the case from Ben’s old printing days. There are customers that have slipped through the cracks ordering a set of business cards once and never coming back and there currently isn’t a customer re-activation campaign to drop those inactive customers into. That is life.  It’s probably a good opportunity to get it sorted out if I am honest.

There is another project to add to the pile. But all the same if you can’t take advantage of these opportunities then I can tell you your business needs some work done it if you want it to be the vehicle you use in order to reach your financial goals.