Referrals, Referrals, Everywhere: So let’s all take a drink.

referrals(My apologies to The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner and Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

So it’s the day after the month before – Ben and I have gathered the results of the referral competition.

Now we are starting to de-brief on the competition results – 46 referrals in 6 months (And I will say that we are so pleased with them we are going again with the same competition). At the same time we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our product The Ultimate Referral Machine.

I’ve also had a few quiet weekends over the last month or so – I’m writing this after 6 weeks of being unable to walk because of an undiagnosed cartilage dislocation in my right ankle. It took 2 weeks to find out what was wrong and then another 4 weeks for all the damage I did to both my feet in the first two weeks to settle.

Being unable to walk has lead to many a quiet evening and quiet weekend. Some welcome time for introspection.

It got me to thinking, about this beloved topic of referrals. We are doing an all right job generating referrals – we are already in the top 20% for sure of business for referral generation, comfortably the top 4% It might be higher… Our referral rates will account for 10%+ growth over this financial year on their own.

Implementing ‘One Thing’ And It Will Result in 10% GROWTH

It’s food for thought isn’t it? Most businesses would be happy with 10% growth a year. That leaves plenty of time to introduce new avenues of growth.

I’m now starting to wonder what is necessary in order to move into the top 1% of what is possible in referral generation. (I’d guess we leave most of our competition for dead.)

I know there are some referral systems we are not using and I am thinking about how we implement them and make them work for us – For example with clients across the continent, how do we make a referral event work?

So here’s the thing, there is an absolute dearth of information out there about referral generation and more importantly ready to implement systems so that you can generate a steady stream of referrals.

The Ultimate Referral Machine is the best aggregation of information I have seen on the subject of referrals that culminates in a ready to go system.

It has been successfully used by us, by some of our newsletter clients to create similar results.