The Art of Effective Cross Selling.

cross sellVery early in my marketing days, I was reading the Gary Halbert letter. It is a brilliant crash course in marketing and copywriting. Go though the entire archives written by Gary at

It was one of the first things I ever did and I don’t regret it.

I was reading about Sir Gary’s early days in the Coat Of Arms business.

He was talking about how he used to send a catalogue of all the products you could purchase with your family’s coat of arms on them.

Into that process, he realised that there were three big selling items from that catalogue. So he crafted sales letters for those products, and then he would send them. And sales of those products went up.

So now the question becomes when promoting your products and services to your clients how do you promote them?

Like with solo promotions like Gary did with his sales letters?

Do you send a catalogue?

Recently we put together a printing catalogue for our existing customers at Newsletter Marketing Systems – so for those products we’ve gone the broad approach there.

However with some feedback – we will start taking a more focused approach. It makes sense to focus on what your market wants.

Where you have high margin products make the investment to develop high quality marketing for those products.

It will pay off over time.

Where you aren’t sure what’s going to sell or need to hedge your bets, go broad, to find a clue on what to focus on.

That is how to cross sell.