What Are The Non-negotiables in your business?

not-negotiableThere are certain things that have to be done. Every month, every week and every day. Interestingly, they do vary for each business.

For us, we need to get our own newsletter out on time every month. It’s kind of hypocritical if we are telling other businesses that we can make this happen for them and we can’t do it for ourselves.

We are also the only business in the world who produces newsletters for other businesses and eats our own dog food. Nobody else who can do it for you actually does their own newsletter – the way they tell you to do it.

There is an ever expanding list of things that you should be doing. I don’t know why this is. But I do know 80% of your results are going to be tied to 20% of your effort. Isn’t best just to identify what the 20% is and then focus on that. You are going to be working less – 20% of what you currently do and still getting 80% of the result.


There is an inordinate amount of rubbish thrown around about work and rewards. The two are not as linked as we like to think. I think this all stems from the dollars for hours mentality most of us are brought up with. Every hour is worth $20, $30 or $50…

It becomes like a sickening cancer that ruins ours thinking about how the world works.

Success can be had by focusing. After I finish this article I’ll have about 45 minutes to prepare for a sales meeting.

IF I get that right – then Newsletter Marketing will have a new customer. If I get it wrong then we don’t. Time and money well spent in order to tackle a high value task. If I spend a day on this it will be time well spent. It’s a 20% activity that yields 80% of the result.

The most effective among us at business are the ones who take their 20% effort tasks that yield 80% of the results and they focus on doing them as well as they can to the EXCLUSION of all others, to maximise their business results. Those tasks are the non-negotiable ones.

Do them poorly and your business will suffer. Do them well and your business will thrive

That is how you maximise your efficiency and effectiveness. Be good at the vital few tasks.