How to write a Newsletter from Scratch

Writing a newsletter shouldn’t be that daunting. Almost anyone can do it if they are sufficiently motivated and willing to set aside enough time to write a good newsletter regularly.

If you are stuck for ideas about how to write a newsletter then here are some simple tips

Personal information makes great content for newsletters.

For example, anything about your employees, their hobbies, your hobbies, ‘celebrities’ you’ve met, your kids, spouse, pets or your history, is well received. I’ve vicariously introduced readers to celebrities. I’ve ‘met’ many celebrities through other people’s newsletters.

When you are writing a newsletter the best received content in newsletters is ‘reader’s digest lite’ type content. Trivia, Puzzles, Games, Recipes, Celebrity News, Book reviews, information tied to major events for the month e.g. Father’s Day or Australia Day.

Any information about success, health, money and business/work generally will be well received because all four topics are of ‘universal’ human interest.