Newsletter Design & Newsletter Names

Designing a newsletter for the first time.

The first thing you need when you designing a newsletter is to come up with a good newsletter name.

Generally, the best newsletter names are benefit driven – as in what do your customers get from doing business with you. Take our newsletter – More Repeat Business and Referrals. It promises our customers what they get from doing business with us.

The next thing you need is to create a tagline to be underneath the newsletter name. This should be an elaboration of the benefit you promise in the name, if you feel you need to further elaborate.

I receive a fantastic customer newsletter from Ron Sheetz {link name to} – he does video recordings of events and produces marketing videos for his clients. I met him at a Dan Kennedy seminar, where he took a photo of me and Dan. He has sent me his newsletter religiously for nearly 2 years now, despite being located in Cleveland Ohio.

Ron’s newsletter is called ‘Spellbound.’ His tagline is ‘Taking the mystery out of video and putting it in your business profitably, guaranteed.

His newsletter has a great name and the newsletter design is pretty good too.

The best newsletter designs have the following 9 things in Common.

  1. Choose the right margins and column layout
  2. Make headlines easy to locate and read
  3. Insert frequent subheads
  4. Make body copy as easy to read as possible
  5. Choose the right punctuation and spacing
  6. Align visuals with column boundaries
  7. Provide meaningful and readable captions
  8. Use color with restraint
  9. Simplify your design

A great newsletter name and good newsletter design are the foundations for creating a successful newsletter design and coming up with a name for your newsletter.