Why newsletter printing is different from other printing jobs?

Newsletter Printing is actually a specialised form of printing. It needs to be treated as such.

Newsletters need to be in the mail at the same time every month. Just like a magazine or other periodical.

When they at the same time every month your printed newsletters are seen as information not advertising. This is exactly how you want it. When customers read your marketing materials they have their sales defences on. With a newsletter they don’t. This means that you can sell to your customer while their guard is down.

The most important aspect to achieve is to be sure that each month’s newsletter is printed and mailed on time – never missing a month.

This requires you to manage the writing, design, printing and fulfilment so that you always have your newsletter out the door at the same time of the month. Not that the task is that difficult but many businesses struggle to rhythmically put out a newsletter at the same time of the month, 12 times a year. It is all a matter of priorities.

Getting your newsletter printing done on time is really easy when you have a managed system in place that makes sure that you have your newsletter ready to print at the same time of the month.

We have a system to help you achieve exactly that. Our entire business is geared around the intricacies of printing newsletters and getting them in the mail on time.