Don’t Come To Us If You Never want to See a Customer again.

no-customersFrom a long time now we have been in the business of helping clients get more repeat business and referrals.

So it should be quite obvious who doesn’t need a newsletter:

Businesses that don’t want anything to do with their customers after the first sale.

I know it seems odd to some business owners. But there are businesses out there – scam artists, con men and so on that definitely don’t want to see their customers again.

Strangely enough, I have seen “quit smoking in one session” hypnotists build a business with a monthly subscription newsletter and interview the expert CD. So even there you have an opportunity for repeat business.

Even some really apparently ‘one and done’ businesses can benefit from customer retention.

For example – we were talking to a potential client who is in the building industry and even they had a rock solid business case – despite being perceived as a ‘one and done business.’ Organically, 30% of their clients had repeat purchased from them in the past – so it would seem that you could increase that number of repeat purchases by actively working to retain your clients.

It takes a philosophical shift for a client like this to go from the ‘one and done business’ to the building of a customer database and strategically working to monetize them – which is what Newsletter Marketing Systems is all about.

It can be done and more importantly there is a business case to do it.

What was lacking in this case is something we aren’t so skilled at overcoming – a change in psychology and beliefs. While I could explain the maths to any 10 year old – who would confirm it makes sense. Getting the required shift in beliefs for a business owner to make this a reality is a little more difficult.

So What Business Do You Want to Be In?

Like I said, if you are only interested in creating ‘one and done’ customers then you certainly don’t need to be working with us. However, almost regardless of the business you are in you can decide to be in a completely different kind of business – a business built around monetizing your customers rather than selling a product.