Here Is What Newsletter Marketing Systems’ Clients Have To Say:

Easy For Us To Get Our Newsletter Out Each Month

“We love working with you guys. It makes it easy for us to get our newsletter out each month. We don’t have to worry about co-ordinating suppliers, meeting deadlines or stuffing envelopes ourselves. It is a perfect fit for us.”

Bernie Kroczek – Bernie Krocek Real Estate
Publisher of PropertyCare Monthly

I Wish I Hadn’t Waited So Long To Do My Newsletter

“I ran a small newsletter for a while and found that I just didn’t have the time nor the graphic design talents to keep it going on a regular basis. After meeting with Ben & Zac I now had deadlines to write articles and get photos to the boys and they have turned out a very professional magazine style newsletter that we are very proud of and my clients are impressed with. I proved that I couldn’t do it on my own but with the help of the team I now just write the things that I want my clients to read and the boys make it look great. It has raised my profile to my clients and it makes us look more professional. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get it happening! If you want to take your business profile to the next level then a newsletter is the way to do it, And the best guys in the business to do that for you would have to be Ben and Zac.”

Mark Lewis – WeatherSafe WA
Publisher of The Weather Report

Already An Expert

“Since we started publishing our Print to Profit Newsletter, clients have started asking us for guidance about their printed marketing materials. In a matter of months we have been transformed into experts in the eyes of our clients.”

Blair & Simone Cariss – Cariss Printing
Publisher of Print2Profit News

Enquiries From Our First Issue!

“Our June newsletters arrived today and look great. We are also generating LED lighting enquiries from our May newsletter (our very first issue). Thanks for making doing a monthly newsletter so easy.”

Shannon Daniels – Triumphant Property
Publisher of Property Progress

The Newsletter Paid For Itself After The First Issue

“Since we sent out our first newsletter, We’ve had three clients reactivate. One we haven’t worked with in five years and two that haven’t worked with us in four years. That has paid for newsletter for the next year. I’m looking forward to seeing what result we get from our next newsletter.”

Peter Lane – Peter Lane Biz Development
Publisher of Funky Farming

My Old Customers Came Back & Ordered!

“Just sent out my first issue of Truck Trailer & RV Builders review and I was contacted by a client I hadn’t heard from in four years and they reordered from me.”

Luke Davies – Liner Transport Equipment Pty Ltd
Publisher of Truck, Trailer & RV Builders Review