The Single Most Powerful Idea In Business

Dan Kennedy talks about the greatest income explosion comes from when you transition from being a doer of ‘thing’ to a marketer of ‘thing.’

Now, there is a very fine distinction here – income explosion. Income is made and it gets spent. It is transient. And if it is achieved transactionally, high income is not enough to build wealth.

What isn’t transient are the customers that you generate almost as a by-product of creating this income. In your business do you:

Get a customer to make a sale?


Make a sale to get a customer?

If you want repeat business and referrals then you need to be thinking in terms of the latter. Ben and I have laid out the strategies you can use to monetize those customers you have and what you need in place before making a sale to get a customer becomes a source of wealth.

When you shift from income seeker and leveraging the biggest asset you can create in business – your existing customer base, you can move form income producer to wealth creator very easily.

You can create stability in your business.

The worst place you can be in is being desperate for the next sale, the next job. This desperation is obvious – your potential clients can smell it. Many business are stuck in this feast or famine cycle – they almost never take the time to use their existing customers to create stability for themselves.

After stepping up and taking responsibility for the marketing of your business – the next most important idea is going from income earner to wealth creator using the most powerful asset you can in your business – creating wealth through existing customers.

They are a gold mine in so many ways. Don’t let them go to waste. (If this doesn’t make sense go and read our report The Business Owners Guide To Getting More Repeat Business and Referrals.)