Why Ben Puts Himself Through EXPRESSive Exhaustion

It was 1:30am on a Thursday morning and my head finally hit the pillow! I’d just finished spending 7 hours hand addressing and packing 65 x 3kg express post envelopes with our guide ‘Getting More Repeat Business & Referrals’. I was completely exhausted.

The following days saw us Express post over 150 guides in less than a week! (This is more than 5 times our previous BEST week). You see, we have recently had some breakthroughs while tweaking our Facebook ads and Fax campaigns which have resulted in some massive successes and a tidal wave of new leads.

You might be thinking… 3kg Express Post? – Isn’t that that’s like $14.95 each!

Or maybe you are like the precious little cashier at the post office who kept trying to sell me 15 instead of 50 because she couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to spend over $700 on express post bags in a single transaction.

But… Yes, a $14.95 3kg Express Post Envelope is pricey compared to sending a standard regular $1.20 C4 envelope?

So why do we do it?

1.)    Urgency – If we treat our information with urgency, then it is much more likely that the recipient will as well. They will read it quicker and take action on it quicker. Simply by sending it in an express post envelope, we have had a 300% increase in the number of people contacting us within 5 days of receiving the pack. We also find that when we make follow-up calls that a larger portion have read the information (previously the majority procrastinated and hadn’t gotten around to it yet.)

2.)    Importance – People ONLY express post things that are important. So by express posting our guide, the recipients immediately assign importance to it (deservedly so I might add!).

3.)    More Room = More Stuff – By using 3kg bags it allows us the room to include more than just the guide. Lately we have been testing the use of a bag of microwave popcorn, a bottle of Gatorade and a chocolate as some bonus goodies for our recipients to snack on whilst digesting our information. These extra’s cost less than $3 total, yet have a massive WOW factor when received.

4.)    Results – Zac and I are pretty pedantic about measuring results and ultimately we use the express post bags and pay the extra because the numbers say we should… We get more leads converting to consultation and they convert quicker, which means more new clients doing newsletters sooner!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, and you’re keen to see this urgently, important information on how you can get more repeat business and referrals, feel free to request a copy of our guide by visiting: www.morebusinessandreferrals.com.au or calling 1300 689 449 and leave your details. (Enjoy the snacks!)