Newsletter Marketing: 3 Simple Strategies to Better Monetise your Print Newsletter (Are you using all 3?)

Everybody is being told to do a newsletter these days. What they don’t often understand is that there are a couple of ad ons that can dramatically increase the profitability of a newsletter in the near, to middle term.

Strategy 1: Seed The Next Sale.

You should be using some (not all) of the space as a way to build the need for the next sale. Doesn’t matter what it is, even if it is complex you should be able to spoon feed the message to your customers over time so that when you run a marketing campaign to make the next sale your customers already know a great deal about why they should buy and are already primed to do so.

Strategy 2: Use a Free Standing Insert

You can always do your selling in a Free Standing Insert (FSI) sent out inside your newsletter. (For those of you who don’t know what I mean think of all the loose advertising that falls out of a newspaper when you open it up)

Most newsletter FSI’s are 1 page, double sided placed between pages two and three of your newsletter. There is plenty of room to there to move people to do all sorts of things. They can request your latest report which is lead generation for a given product. It can promote a referral competition.

It can promote an event that you are putting on.

Or it can simply push prospects towards their regular check up or consultation or some such.

Strategy 3: Ride Along Promotions

You are already paying for the postage and envelope for your newsletter. I bet you can add some weight to it without increasing the postage – which means you can add additional promotions when you need to.

So if you have an upcoming sale, you can give your promotional materials a free ride. You may not want to do this every month but I will assure you that every once in a while it doesn’t hurt. That way your promotional materials will be reviewed when the recipient reads your newsletter.

The added good will of the newsletter is likely to increase response as well.

Now you can get a customer newsletter out the door with far better results than you could ever have imagined. I can automate the whole process for you.

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