Jim Palmer Interview

Stories of the ‘Newsletter That Travelled Halfway Round The World,’ Where the term ‘Newsletter Pansy’ came from and Jim’s formula of how to extract every possible cent of revenue from your existing clients.

Zac and I decided it was time to interview one of our sources for newsletter success, Jim Palmer.

Jim is an expert on customer retention strategies and has been doing newsletters in various guises since half a decade before I was born (Zac being a bit older had made it all the way to crawling and eating mashed avocado by that stage).

During the call Jim reveals how:

  • a 1% change in customer retention can result in a 7% increase in profits
  • In his first job as manager, how Jim was able to shrink the customer base, reduce gross revenue, while at the same time keeping net profit the same. (Getting the same profit from less customers means more money for less work)
  • How a client of Jim’s made $400,000 from a newsletter that made it into the hands of a complete stranger half way around the world
  • How you can use a newsletter to
    • Increase referral rates
    • Sell more of your other products and services to your existing customers
    • Become the expert in your industry
    • Build ‘brand name awareness’
    • Sell to customers with their ‘sales defences’ down (something your competitors will never be able to do)
    • Solicit new customers
    • Insider Information that no internet marketing expert would willing tell anyone about email and online marketing for building a client relationships…

So take the time to really listen to the guidance of the newsletter guru.





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